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AdFlex –  Self Service Order Entry

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AdFlex is a fully integrated self-service order entry portal for your customers to create their own ads and pay for them.

AdFlex is a research driven portal designed to get the highest completion rates and return customers from self-service advertising. Your customers are presented with intuitive step-by-step instructions and automated ad creation tools that take the anxiety and frustration out of creating ads. You will have the flexibility to create the packages and up-sells that offer the best buy for your customers and the most revenue for you.

AdFlex, unlike other third-party web portals, operates on the same software system as the in-house order entry applications. This means no guessing on ad size, pricing and billing, and no extra handling of ads to service your customers. In fact, your customers can service themselves, modifying their ad content and run schedules, and cancel or reorder their ads when they want.

ATS will customize AdFlex for your publications to best suite your market.