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ATS Advisor order entryAdVisor Order Entry

Full Service Ad Placement & Management

The Powerful ATS Order Placement & Customer Service Application: Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Re-Sell in a totally flexible rating structure. You concentrate on driving revenue. Generate your own unique and current sales strategies and let AdVisor make it all happen.


AdVisor Order Entry is a web application user interface that allows browser access to the AdVisor system from anywhere, no client installation required.

• Account Management in a unified database for all advertising revenue and customer information, including client/agency relationships, contract management and CRM integration.


• Flexible Ad Scheduling with graphical calendars for each edition, insertion based pricing, until-forbid scheduling, cut-off enforcement with overrides, and tons more features.


• WYSIWYG Ad Editor offering multiple templates for different column widths and composition styles, search-word metadata, multi-content composition for each scheduled edition.

• Web Publishing automatically gathers and formats searchable ads for your web site and marketplace.


• ROP Display Ads are integrated with ad tracking systems, honoring ad placement requests or guaranteed positions, applying special charges.


• Photo Ads Processing features automated photo workflow, integration and pricing.

• AdVisorFlex Reports give you the ability to analyze financial and statistical data associated with sales, complete with charts, tables and interactive drill-down capabilities.You control your own reports – group, filter and sort data until you have the report you want. Users create their own individual reports as they wish, helping them monitor and improve performance. Access to reports can be controlled and shared as you choose.