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ATS AdLayoutAdLayout

An intuitive web-based layout tool, using a configurable rules engine, integrated with ATS ClassPage, organizes your workflow and is offered as a hosted or on-site installation.

• Classified and Display – placed at the same time in one session, using a configurable rules engine to evaluate a newspaper and place display ads throughout, choosing the best placement for each ad to maintain content distribution as specified by the user.

• Automatic Placement – Based on guaranteed position, position requests, double-truck, color, and coupon needs.

• Manual Placement – Using a drag & drop interface as needed either before or after an automatic flow is requested.

• Choose Your Output – After ads have been placed, choose to output either a manifest file for use by a pagination system, or a PDF file of the whole ad stack.

• Flexible – The application runs in any browser that supports the Adobe Flash Player 10 on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.