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MediaDesk – print content publishing


MediaDesk print publishing sub-systems deliver efficiencies to seamlessly enable the processing of all data types and easily track the flow of content through the print publishing cycles, in a unified environment in which all users share common concepts, tools and data.

• Navigator – the heart of MediaDesk, a cross-platform content manager for PC and MAC clients, for controlling editorial and page management from story creation to page output for print, web and multi-channel delivery.

• Message Center – send messages to individuals or groups, associate files to messages, manage assignments and deadlines and flag important information in a file using content alerts.

• Packaging – package associated elements, controlling different combinations of content targeted to different output channels.


• Edition Management – for accurate versioning, it maintains a master parent copy of edits to a file for multiple editions until those editions are ready and unlocked from the parent.

• Agate Processor – on those critical deadlines it automatically applies site defined abbreviations, naming conventions, styles and formats to content into single editable text files.

• Composition Tools – achieve 100% composition accuracy in a comprehensive and intuitive set of features, including spell check, access to stylebooks, displayed story depth, dynamic trial-set based on user-defined column width, user-defined save gets, notes mode and edit tracking including who created the file and when.