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MediaFlexIntegrator – import/export servicesMediaFlexIntegrator

MediaFlexIntegrator is an application server that controls the import and export of assets into the database from a variety of sources and formats, a critical component designed for ultra efficient and transparent bi-directional flow of content.

MediaFlexIntegrator, accepting that content will come from a variety of many sources, assures that you have all of the content to be targeted to your output channels within one workflow controlled system. MediaFlexIntegrator provides the necessary modules to import content from wire systems such as AP Web Feeds, photo libraries, RSS atom feeds, blog entries, email, and file systems.

MediaFlexIntegrator recognizes that content handling is a two way street, requiring both import and export workflows. Using the packaging features of MediaDesk, custom packages of content can be created and sent to library systems, subscription systems and other external systems using the standard NITF XML schema.