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MediaFlexMZP – hyper-local market targetingMediaFlexMZP

MediaFlexMZP, born of ATS Microzone Print Publishing (MZP) workflow developments, has proven that connecting with communities at the hyper-local level attracts advertising in never-before-realized markets. Successful microzoning requires the means to efficiently produce print publications for the community by the community, generating a unique connection with new local advertisers.

MediaFlexMZP, addresses the two key components for success; harnessing community interest, and production automation. You tap the community’s interests and ATS provides the automation to Target-Aggregate-Publish (TAP™) in a low-cost to operate, automated workflow environment.

MediaFlexMZP provides the integrated components for this disruptive business model to host community interest portals, manage relevant content, and automatically reverse publish to targeted print products.