advanced technical solutions, inc.



Realizing this, ATS has always been and continues to be the leader in opens systems integration, exploring companies that develop applications which apply to evolving media business models, taking advantage of the immediate benefit they offer. 

This philosophy often leads ATS into projects where our technical expertise is drawn upon to resolve a specific problem or need. At times, technology is readily available which ATS can evaluate and apply as the best solution, if not – ATS will supply it. In other situations, ATS will consult to deliver a workflow or technical solution to a very specific business challenge.

Office products dealer, W.B. Mason – catalog project:  ATS evaluated the production requirements and designed an automated OPI workflow, including a color management system, driving PDF output, utilizing the best suited production systems available.

The Providence Journal – disaster recover project:  ATS consulted to design and prototype a disaster recovery plan which could operate completely independent of existing production systems.

Charleston Post and Courier – pagination project:  ATS developed software to accommodate long-liner classifies that would integrate with the existing pagination workflow, a solution that prevented having to replace the entire system.